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  • The Story - Being someone's NIGGER for 6 grader in Quebec elementary school.

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Exclusive to Radio-Canada and CBC until Oct 18 2019 -  9pm

The Story:

Being someone's nigger for 6 grader in Quebec elementary school

GATINEAU (Aylmer), QC (Canada) OCT 17 2019


On October 8 2019, a father submitted a complaint to the Human Rights Commission of Quebec due to a slave owner’s expression in a book assigned by his son’s elementary school.“We’re often someone’s nigger in life and that someone is me, Obey (…)” was the expression intercepted by Mr. Francois, when his 6 grader son was reading the book aloud in his car.


The book, “Un Cadavre de Classe” by Robert Soulières, has spread through schools in Quebec, since being awarded a literary prize by Mr. Christie, owned by Mondelez International the maker of Cadbury chocolate bars, Oreo biscuits Ritz crackers (NASDAQ:MDLZ).



“Exposing the malleable spirit of the children to such expression with no context is compromising the harmony of tomorrow’s society,” said Mr. Francois.


After reading the book in full, the 38-year-old father subsequently sent his complaint directly to the school, then the school board and to the Ministry of Education.


None of these institutions have considered the matter under their jurisdiction, claiming that they are not responsible, including the Ministry of Education of Quebec over the school board (CSPO) and the school. 


Mr. Francois stated in his complaint letter that his son will not resume reading the book, claiming that :


“taking a stand for our convictions is also part of education”.


The school initially responded to the parents that they were not aware of the quote in question, before replying in another response that it was their way to open discussion about racism.



Mr. Francois expressed that he has been failed by the educational system and that the school and Ministry of Education of Quebec have a responsibility to preserve the self-esteem of every child, no matter race, religion or ethnicity.


Concerned by the books selection process, Mr. Francois decided to gather a group of parents around the #filtrAge4kids campaign, to raise awareness in the federal election and beyond about the content used to educate the children.


The group want to urge the need to establish concrete measures to filter the educational material from any discriminatory content that could cause prejudice to the kids. 


“I have intercepted this indignant sentence by chance, but [...] missed systemic racism is a hidden poison,” said Mr. Francois. 


He went on to explain that parents entrust their children’s future to educators, so we should ensure they are held accountable. 



We should, at least, try to utilize this media attention and show our kids how to turn a racist occurrence into an opportunity to make the world a better place, and Mr. Christie should be at the forefront of this movement.


Mr. Francois strongly believes that by endorsing this book with a cheque of $7,000, they legitimized and promoted systemic racism. 


Mr. Francois made the point that if a kid read this book at eleven years old in 1997, 22 years ago when received the literary prize, in 2019 he could probably be a 32-year-old teacher, educator or even a policeman.


This comes at a time when a recent report mandated by the City of Montreal reveal that minorities communities are disproportionately checked by SPVM, the police force of the biggest city in Quebec. will be at the forefront of the campaign as he waits for the response from the Human Rights Commission, which handling a high volume of complaints and Mondelez International with which they had a few exchanges.

slave owner expression.jpg

“We’re often someone’s nigger in life and that someone is me, Obey (…)” Un Cadavre de Classe (Robert Soulieres 1997)

Related Images :

Image 1_book quote.PNG

Racist expression in the book :

Tu es assez vieux pour comprendre que dans la vie  (...)on est souvent le negre de quelqu'un et ce quelqu'un là, c'est moi! Alors obéis et cesse de parlementer ... 

“Un Cadavre de Classe (Robert Soulieres 1997)

Book cover : Un Cadavre de Classe by Robert Souliere:

Image 2_Book Cover Sponsored.jpg

The book, “Un Cadavre de Classe” by Robert Soulières, has spread through schools in Quebec, since being awarded a literary prize by Mr. Christie, owned by Mondelez International the maker of Cadbury chocolate bars, Oreo biscuits Ritz crackers (NASDAQ:MDLZ).

Campaign Launch Caricature : 

slave owner expression.jpg

Elements :

- Slave owner's / teacher 

- 2019 6 grader classroom in Quebec

Hypnotized eyes

- World / Globe

- Laptop

- 2019 Calendar

Symbols :

- Quebec (Fleur de lys)

- Canada (Maple leaf)

- Montreal Canadian hat

- Toronto Raptors shirt

- Confused / Surprised eyes-

 Behind the Scene- Official Campaingn Video : 

Image_3 Campaign_ Media Kit.PNG plan will launch a video by October 21st 2019 with Gioberti Francois the concern father of 2 spoke person for

 Scandals and relevant stories : 

Black, Indigenous people 4 to 5 times more likely than whites to be stopped by Montreal police :

Nestlé admits slavery in Thailand while fighting child labour lawsuit in Ivory Coast


Chocolate giant Cadbury ‘still pushing orangutans towards extinction by wrecking habitat for palm oil’


Mondelez India bribery case may see top guns face off in the US



Mondelez International History: Everything Investors Need to Know

E-mail / Correspondance

1- Father initial complaint sent to school (Des Cavaliers) 

2 - Father initial complaint sent to school board (CSPO)  

 3 -First response to the complaint school (Des Cavaliers) 

4 -School Board (CSPO) and Elementary School (Des Cavaliers) joint response 

5 - Father's reply to the School Board and School complaint response 

6- Father's initial complaint sent to Quebec's Minister of Education Jean-Francois Roberge 

7- Quebec's ministery of education response to complaint  

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