It’s not OK’: Kid reacts to reading N-word in school book

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Quincy François often reads aloud to his dad.

“So I can learn to pronounce the words,” the 12-year-old from Gatineau, Que., told CBC Kids News, in an interview conducted in French.

Quincy was reading to his father, Gioberti, while they were driving in their car last May when his dad suddenly asked him to re-read a sentence.

Without immediately realizing it, Quincy had a read a passage from a book that his dad thought was racist and offensive.

The book, Un Cadavre De Classe, by Robert Soulières, had been assigned to Quincy as part of his Grade 6 reading.

“He made me re-read the sentence,” he said. “Then he stopped on the side of the road to read it himself.”

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