N-word in son's school book prompts rights complaint from Gatineau, Que., dad

A father in Gatineau, Que., has filed a human rights complaint after his son was assigned to read a book containing the N-word in elementary school..

The book, Un Cadavre de Classe by Robert Soulières, was first published in 1997 and is part of a mystery series for children. On page 129, there's an exchange between a mother and son that reads:

"Et tu es assez vieux maintenant pour comprendre que, dans la vie, on ne fait pas toujours ce qu'on veut et qu'on est souvent le nègre de quelqu'un et que ce quelqu'un-là, c'est moi!"  

In English that translates to :

"And you're old enough now to understand that in life we do not always do what we want and that we are often someone's Negro, and that someone is me."

In French, the word Nègre can mean both Negro and the N-word. 

Read the full story by Idil Mussa on CBC News : https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/gatineau-father-files-human-rights-complaint-over-a-children-s-book-with-the-n-word-1.5330921

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