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documentary UPDATE

Dear valued Contributors,


Since the adoption of the Quebec's government education reform(Bill-40), we have received disturbing responses from the school board and the Education Minister's office.


''The book was then read by literary experts and meets strict quality criteria. Even if the customs and the context have changed since then, there are no plans to question the place of the book in the repertoire. Even if books may offend the values ​​of certain readers, the Ministry sticks to the established quality criteria s (...). ‘’ Office of the Minister of Education


After the Ombudsman’s office insistence, the school board finally admitted that the book was wrongfully classified and was recently banned from all the elementary school of the region.


But with the appearence of a retaliation, the school board decided instead to spread the book in high school despite the fact that the contentious expression is used 3 times in the same book. 


We were glad to notice that Ombudsman’s report highlighted some of the school board’s misconducts as it recommended the ban of the book at all levels.


We have decided to postpone the release of the documentary to integrate these recent development so relevant to the story.


On a positive note, with the support of the Artist Union and as an addition to the short-film, I have been able to reunite with author Francois Pratte. Long story short, 30 years ago, Saint-Isaac-Jogues, my elementary school invited this author to introduce us to his new book

''Le Secret D’Awa''. I have never forgotten this reading session, because it was the first time as a black child that I was seeing myself represented on the cover as the main character of the story. We wanted to hear from that man who understood way back in the 80’s the profound impact literature could have on a young mind…


As uncertain a return to the new normal might seem, you can rest assure that there will be no distancing between Filtrage and this matter so dear our hearts.


Kindly receive this brief update as our sincerest gratitude for your trust and support and I will update you, the latest on June 30 2020.


I hope you and your family are doing well and taking good care of one another during this time. 


With care and gratitude, 


Gioberti Francois

Le Papa de Quincy

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