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After 2 years of multiple complaints to ban a racist book endorsed by the Ministry of Education of Quebec, Gioberti and Quincy Francois co-produced a documentary called Approved by The Ministry of Education. From complaint letters to hidden recorded conversations this father and son duo take us for a ride into the nuts and bolts of the education system of Quebec.


As they were coming back from a basketball tournament in Montreal, Gioberti (father) intercepted the following sentence as Quincy (son) was reading aloud in the car. ‘’ You are old enough to understand that we are often someone’s negro in life and that someone is me.’’ After appealing unsuccessfully to the school, the school board all the way to the Ministry of Education this father-son duo decided to take matters into their own hands by producing this documentary.

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APPROVED by The Ministry of Education is a positive and constructive documentary produced with the aim of preserving the self-esteem and dignity of every child in elementary school, without distinction. We want to demonstrate scientifically and historically that neglecting the educational content of our children can have a perverse effect on our society. This short film is among other things an educational motivational tool for young people, to encourage them to take the means to forge at a young age a better world, a world in which they can all evolve and find themselves with dignity.

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